“SILENCIO: Four Songs for the End of Our Times” at PRAXIS Gallery, New York

The Orpheists performed their album “SILENCIO” in a live concert on June 9th, 2022, on the occasion of “HERBARIUM: A Botanical Journey by Delfina Braun” / Praxis Gallery, New York.

Piano: Edo Costantini Percussions: Mauro Refosco Cello: Gabriel Cabezas All music written by Edo Costantini on the piano. Website

SILENCIO EP is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

Recording & Mix: Jake Owen, Superlegal Studios, Brooklyn, NY Master: Alex Produced by Imwiththeband LLC Cinematographer: Pablo Finkelstein Camera Team: Lucan Flores Piran, Maximiliano Arko Edited by Josefina Pieres Colorist: Pablo Finkelstein

Edo & Ava: “El Mundo Ha Kolapsado” at Mario Cohen Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil

Edo Costantini & Ava Rocha performed his “El Mundo Ha Kolapsado – The World Collapsed” as part of his photo exhibition “UMA FLOR NÃO É UMA FLOR” at Mario Cohen Gallery, São Paulo, 2023-2024.



“During this time of Isolation, I would wake up early in the morning and do a little prayer, thanking for a new day, my family and our health, hoping that one day we would overcome this invisible enemy. I would then walk into the woods and then sit at the piano to read music for two hours.

It’s in the process of reading the work of composers whom I admire, when an idea emerges. Then it takes a few weeks or months for me to develop it and complete a song.

We spend a lot of time at the studio with my little son Otto, who enjoys listening to me playing the piano.”


“To practice meditation is to be aware of the existence of suffering. (…) If we take one side, we cannot fulfill our task of reconciliation in order to bring about peace.

Are there people who can be in touch with both Israelis and Palestinians, Pakistanis and Indians, black and white? There must be people who can get in touch with both sides, understanding the suffering of each, and telling each side about the other. We need people who can help bring understanding, mediation, and reconciliation to nations in conflict. (…) Can we be people who understand deeply the suffering of both sides? Can we bring the message of reconciliation?”   – Thich Nhat Hanh


In B Flat Minor

A work in progress.