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JUNE 2022


“This short album is three years in the making, and comes at a critical moment in the history of humankind. And now that I may listen to it with a certain distance, it feels like an anticipation of the pandemia/lockdown/sadness/melancholy of the times we are going through.”

– Edo Costantini

This will be the first album released by The Orpheists – a collaborative music band founded by edo, piano, who writes the songs and then invites other musicians to contribute to the pieces. Edo was joined on this occasion by Brazilian percussionist Mauro Refosco, known for his work with singer David Byrne, and as the former recording and touring percussionist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers; cellist Gabriel Cabezas, who is quickly becoming one of his generation’s most sought-after performers, having worked with America’s finest symphony orchestras; and Jake Owen, a celebrated producer and musician who has toured internationally in headlining bands and is a co-founder of the music production company DoSounds.

The music of The Orpheists blurs vintage instruments with electronic sounds, representing the collision of the past and the future. The minimalist composition resembles nature itself – movements of free and unequal durations, combining silence and resonance to evoke the beauty and cycles of mother earth. This modernization of classical sounds is an immersive experience, surrounding the listener in the natural world while also evoking the dangers it is currently facing in the wake of technology.

This album will also be the soundtrack for the 20 minute meditative film ‘THE FINAL BLOW’. This film will be a reflection on nature in all its forms, and the impact of humanity on our earth’s survival.

The album was written and recorded throughout 2019 at SuperLegal Studios, Brooklyn, New York.

“So instead of the said expression ‘orpheist,’ they just invented the word ‘artist’, which had to mean ‘he-who-is-occupied-with-art.’
– G. I. Gurdjieff, Beelzebud’s Tales